Promotional Gifts Are Still Effective

Promotional Gifts Are Still Effective

Use Promotional Gifts to Motivate, Reward to Retain customers and Grow your business

Effective branding can help your product stand out against competitors

Marketers have used promotional products for ages as an effective means of advertising a business. Many such items become part of daily lives of the recipients for a long time. Thus, the products with a business logo turn into a potent tool of marketing a brand.

The cheapest yet most effective tool

Many surveys have revealed how important promotional products are for business promotion. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 79% of the recipients of promotional products think of doing business with the company. The association is dedicated to the research for the usefulness of the promotional products for marketing.
The survey disclosed that 66% of the recipients of the promotional products can recall the name of the brand or company.

The Promotional Products Association International conducted a study entitled “High End, Low End: Which Promotional Products Work Best :”It said:“More than a fourth of respondents (27 percent) felt significantly more receptive to the company and its objective and 44 percent felt somewhat more receptive to the company and its objective.

A reason for the traditional marketing still thriving in the digital marketing era is that it continues to be the cheapest way to advertise. Most of the promotional products can be bought in bulk at low prices. The prices turn out to be even cheaper considering the increased customers attention and brand promotion value the companies get in return. People can recall a brand much quicker as they use the promotional products. The advertising means such as television, radio and print have a lower brand recall value. This is because these advertisement tools are not so close to the people as promotional merchandise are.
However, your marketing team must plan promotional products programs carefully. The plans should take into consideration several aspects such as budget, audience, goals, etc to target the customers.

Here is what you should consider creating your promotional products strategy.

1. Your Objective

Before starting your promotional products campaign, find out your precise goal behind the exercise. Many marketers fail to drive customer attention on expected lines for a simple reason that they did not set the goals of the campaign. Different businesses may have their own different set of goals.
For example,

  • to attract more people to a trade show exhibition or it may be aiming to increase sales.
  • show gratitude towards your customers for being loyal to your company and business.
  • make potential consumers aware of a business, company and its product or service.
  • motivate partners, customers, and prospects to encouraging them to do a specific task.
  • convey a non-marketing message such as inviting people to a get-together event.
2. Products Relevant to Your Business

If the promotional products are relevant to your business, the recipients are more likely to recall your brand.

3. Good Quality

Pay attention to the good quality of the merchandise so that it helps build an image of a trustworthy brand. An inferior quality product can do more harm to your company’s brand image than good.

  • Pick some promotional gifts that is useful to the people.
  • Choose the products that can represent your company well.
4. Distribution Plan

Distribute your promotional products in a planned way that will drive more traffic to the event or website. This will also generate more qualified leads.

5. Products with a Theme

Create a theme for the campaign. The theme should have your brand message. The message should be such that it solidifies your company’s market position. A catchy and strategically crafted theme will linger on in the audience’s mind for a long time.

6. Personalize the Items 

Your promotional products strategy must also consider ways to build relationship with your potential customers or existing clients. The recipients will remember your gifts for a long time if they get it with a personalized message. Sometimes, putting name of the recipient on the product is a good starting point for building the relationship.

7. Tip for branded Clothing

Unless you are a truly beloved brand, for example Levi or Columbia  – chances are your customers will not relish the thought of wearing a ball cap with your logo on it.

If, however, you can include a logo with a catchy original slogan, you might have a winner.

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